Case Studies

The success of our partners is our prime motivating factor.

Billy Bob’s TexasBilly Bob’s Texas
Brite Divinity SchoolBrite Divinity School
Fresh and EasyFresh and Easy
Gummy VitaminsGummy Vitamins
Pickles BBQ and IcehousePickles BBQ and Icehouse
Wink ThreadingWink Threading

Billy Bob’s is an icon of Texas culture and a mainstay of the City of Fort Worth. First opening its doors back in 1981, this venue has evolved into what is now referred to as the “World’s Largest Honky Tonk”. Billy Bob’s came to us with a very basic site that fell far short from delivering on the grandeur that is Billy Bob’s and what people know Billy Bob’s Texas... view more

This 100 year old institution came to Ilfusion looking for a distinct and progressive step into the next century. Ilfusion saw the answer in a revolutionary new approach to an educational website and a healthy attendance to the community interactions on social media. Ilfusion bravely took to the stale education-site waters and pushed ahead with a unique approach of marrying traditional site navigation with a unique tile system that Brite... view more

Fresh and Easy came to Ilfusion with a need to enhance the career portal of their main site. Over time the relationship blossomed into a partnership to shape a career portal that embraced the new visual branding of the young american branch of Tesco. Time and time again Ilfusion proved to be a favored creative partner to the Recruitment branch of Fresh and Easy. Numerous videos were created to aid... view more

Gummy Vitamins was at that point in their development where it was time to expand and become better known in the marketplace. They had just signed several deals with Walmart and Dollar General to share shelf space with other top edible vitamin supplements. Initial conversations hovered around the desire to have 1 or 2 viral type videos to bring about broad awareness of their brand. After researching the marketplace and... view more

On a referral from a past client, restaurant designer Bruce Russo, Ilfusion was put into contact with Pickles. A fresh neighborhood icehouse eatery concept for the Keller/Wautaga, Texas area that was in need of a complete message and brand direction from scratch. Pickles was put through Ilfusion’s brand architecture, a comprehensive brand identity and message project that defined their place in the market and the language used to best communicate... view more

Wink had landed a premium location in the burgeoning west 7th district in Fort Worth, Texas and needed an online presence to match. Ilfusion made a bold move to design an advanced one-page website that utilized the visually impressive development technique called parallax. This web script allows images and text to exist on multiple levels and appear to slide over one another at different speeds, providing an engaging perception of... view more