Website Discover Questionnaire

Please complete this questionnaire so the Ilfusion team can better understand your unique goals, vision, and requirements for the new website. Feel free to expand as much as possible on these questions so that together, we can build the best possible website experience for you and your users.

      Project Information
    1. Do you have a domain name already? If so, what is it and which registrar did you purchase it from?

    2. Describe the concept, project or service this site is intended to provide or promote.
      Why do people choose your company over competitors?

    3. What are you hoping to achieve through the website?

    4. What works for the current website and why? What do you feel it “does right”?

    5. What are the fundamental issues on the current website that need improvement? Where does it fall short?

    6. What sites do you consider competitors in your industry?

    7. Please provide examples of any other brand or marketing material that the website should reference.

    8. Audience
    9. Describe the average consumer or customer for your business.

    10. When a visitor arrives at the site, what should they think about your brand?

    11. What primary action should a user take when visiting your site?

    12. Design and Features
    13. Describe the desired look and feel for the new site.

    14. What social features do you anticipate integrating on the new site?

    15. What media-intensive components do you anticipate having on the new site?

    16. Technology

      To deliver the best experience to the most users and to build pages that will last, we use modern standards-based methods. As a result, old, non-compliant browsers like Internet Explorer 6 may not look exactly the same as modern browsers like Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Internet Explorer 7+.

      If you know, based on analytics, that a high percentage of your audience uses an outdated browser, please let us know here:

    17. What Content Management System (CMS) is the current site built on?
      How do you edit your current site?

    18. Will there be any third-party integration points in the new site?

    19. What website traffic analytics software do you currently use? Can we have access to this so we can better understand your audience and what has been working and what hasn’t?