Look, we get it: managing social media can feel like herding cats. There is no concrete path to success, leaving you stuck between ROI and a hardplace. When you hire Ilfusion, you get a team that will bring analysis and insight to your social marketing strategy. We transform the wild west of social media into a controlled, productive channel for your business. Our award-winning team of Social Media Strategists have their collective finger on the pulse of these ever-evolving platforms. From best practice set-up to meaningful interactions to cleverly branded post content, activity is qualified by analytics that demonstrate the ROI of connecting with your engaged target market.

Our Social Media Program Includes

  • Content Creation
  • Facebook Management
  • Social Deals, Contests, Events
  • Meaningful Interactions
  • Twitter Strategy
  • Google+ Management
  • LinkedIn Optimization
  • Pinterest Strategy
  • YouTube Channel Management
  • Customer Conflict Resolution
  • Social Media Technology Updates
  • Results Reporting & Analytics