Nickname: Devi
Position: Social Media Strategist
Quote: "Never forget how wildly capable you are."

Hannah is a Fort-Worth native/local pop star. She’s been involved with the music scene for five years, which prompted her to become adept in social media marketing. The go-getter is passionate about fulfilling her dreams and helping others fulfil theirs (in style). Hannah is a singer, songwriter, and guitar player. One of her passions in life is traveling; she has taken trips to Cuba, Spain, France, Great Britain, Switzerland, and Mexico. She travels with only a carry-on and stays where the locals live. “I love to dive into the culture. It’s refreshing and rejuvenating to gain new perspective and new friends.” Hannah is a bit of a tech-geek, having experience in music production, video editing, and graphic design. She loves animals, wine and whiskey, dancing, floating in sensory-deprivation tanks, and interpreting dreams. Social media strategist by day and singer by night, Hannah will be sure to utilize her creativity and momentum to drive success towards your business’ social media platforms.