Nickname: El Jefe
Position: Partner/Co-Founder
Quote: "The best way to advance one's career is to be daring enough to jump into a role that is above your skill level and blow away everyone's expectations. If you want to be something, be it."

Jeff was born and raised in Texas. As a toddler, you could find him dismantling and reassembling all household appliances within arms-reach or being ejected from a bigwheel race for being way too fast. In high school, he enjoyed a strict regimen of Latin lessons, Roman history and other classical studies taught by professors in black robes. In college, he rode a skateboard with a weed-eater motor to class and excelled in everything related to visual communications.

Advertising, marketing and commercial art is in Jeff’s blood. His grandfather owned an ad agency at the height of advertising in the 50’s and his uncle is a 30+ year commercial photography pro. Growing up around museums and tradeshows, Jeff knew that he’d be doing something in the creative industry from an early age. Previously with a leading marketing and brand development company in the petroleum, alcohol and tobacco industries, Jeff has the goal of exciting Ilfusion’s clients while expanding capabilities into new markets. Jeff’s background is in multi-million-dollar print media, commercial photography and film production. Jeff’s priority is giving clients more than they ever expected and maintaining long-lasting client friendships.