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Superior user experience doesn’t happen by accident. The key to a high-functioning website is in the process.

At Ilfusion, every website project starts with an extensive discovery process that establishes the vision, goals and key milestones. The resulting deliverables are a project plan that defines the approach and facilitates communication regarding the schedule, and a creative brief that outlines the brand, personality, competitors and audience that the website serves.

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Design includes the sitemap and wireframe where strategy and functionality are defined. Before composite designs are created, we first present concepts that inform the visual direction of the site. These concepts are fueled by the creative brief and establish the “big idea” before the myriad details of shape, color and typography.

In the development phase, art is brought to life with working functionality, content and quality assurance testing. Websites are coded using a CMS (Content Management System) that allows for the most user-friendly experience in content addition and editing. Testing includes cross-browser and mobile device compatibility.

The launch phase finalizes the operational aspect of pushing the site live and onto the server. Guidelines and training are provided to ensure that the client-side project team is comfortable using the CMS.

Responsive Web Design

The unique mobile theme is dead. You’ve probably experienced this yourself surfing on your phone or tablet, presented with a stripped-down, inferior website experience that leaves you searching for the “view full site” button. The evolved website is one that adapts on the fly to whichever form factor is used to access the site. Designing and programming for a responsive site poses unique challenges, but the final product yields a seamless, consistent presence. Whenever possible, Ilfusion recommends investing in responsive functionality for your site. All websites that we design are mobile compatible (meaning that all functionality is preserved), but the addition of responsiveness to the site brings a whole new level to the experience.