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July 23, 2019 | By: Tinny

4 Tips for Crafting a Killer Instagram Bio for Your Brand

Instagram marketing is more than just posting high-quality, compelling images and hashtags; it’s also about crafting a captivating Instagram profile that will effectively convert followers into loyal customers. At the heart of your Instagram profile is your bio. For those who aren’t familiar, your Instagram bio is the area right after your user handle (@user)… view more

What's New-Google AdSense Updates for More Personalized and Modern Display Ads
July 9, 2019 | By: Tinny

What’s New: Google AdSense Updates for More Personalized and Modern Display Ads

Google recently announced that they are introducing new updates to some of their AdSense features as part of their continuing efforts to modernize their advertising products. In a nutshell, Google is pushing for smarter and more personalized ad sizing, placement, and formatting, powered by their new machine learning technology. The updates will ultimately bring better… view more

June 14, 2019 | By: Tinny

Top 5 Facebook Marketing Features to Use This 2019

One of the many reasons why Facebook remains an indispensable tool for marketers is that it constantly adapts and responds to the needs of its users. This year, Facebook has introduced a number of new and updated features that are especially designed for business pages. With the myriad of business marketing tools available on Facebook,… view more