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Ilfusion Inc. is a full-service creative agency located in Fort Worth, TX with talents in web, design, video, social media and marketing consultation.

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June 21, 2018 | By: Tinny

4 Facebook Marketing Tips That Will Boost Engagement

Early this year in 2018, Facebook implemented an update on their newsfeed algorithm that has affected the engagement rate of a number of Business Pages on Facebook. In essence, this recent algorithm change prioritizes posts that encourage meaningful interactions and conversations between people. For businesses, this means that those who still practice engagement bait (e.g.,… view more

June 11, 2018 | By: Tinny

How to Effectively Use Psychology to Influence Consumer Behavior

A key aspect of a successful marketer is being able to understand the behavior of your consumers—why they act and think the way they do, and how internal and external factors affect their thoughts and decisions. This is why many businesses lean on psychology to bolster their marketing efforts: effective use of key principles in… view more

June 4, 2018 | By: Tinny

4 Essential Tips for Web Design That Drives Sales

With almost everything going digital today, a website is undoubtedly a necessity and an extremely essential marketing and sales tool for any business, no matter the size or how long they’ve been in existence. Merely having a website, however, is not enough. A business should have a website that not only drives traffic but also… view more

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