Billy Bob’s Texas

Billy Bob’s is an icon of Texas culture and a mainstay of the City of Fort Worth. First opening its doors back in 1981, this venue has evolved into what is now referred to as the “World’s Largest Honky Tonk”.

Billy Bob’s came to us with a very basic site that fell far short from delivering on the grandeur that is Billy Bob’s and what people know Billy Bob’s Texas to be. It was Ilfusion’s task to embody the full BBT experience inside a website and we did just that. Billy Bob’s is not just a music venue, but an array of Texas-fueled entertainment outlets such as dancing, bull-riding, arcade, dining, private parties, and mega-events. In order to successfully communicate all that Billy Bob’s offers, it was important to apply a color-coded icon system.

Visually, from top-to-bottom we wanted this site to exude Texas spirit, history, and the rich the assortment of textures throughout the actual brick and mortar. On the home page, you’ll see lots of dark leather, red guitar wood, and worn dance floor planks…don’t forget some pearl inlay!

Ilfusion could not be more proud of this site, this relationship, and the great collaboration with all involved.

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BBT Presentation