Pickles BBQ and Icehouse

On a referral from a past client, restaurant designer Bruce Russo, Ilfusion was put into contact with Pickles. A fresh neighborhood icehouse eatery concept for the Keller/Wautaga, Texas area that was in need of a complete message and brand direction from scratch.

Pickles was put through Ilfusion’s brand architecture, a comprehensive brand identity and message project that defined their place in the market and the language used to best communicate with that market. Through various stakeholder interviews and weeks of research, Ilfusion created the foundation for the design of the visual brand, logo, website and the voice that shines through the social media interactions and content. Part of the challenge that Pickles posed to Ilfusion was to provide a design that depicted a restaurant that was family friendly during the day, but able to successfully transition to the night life crowd. The entire project included new website, menu design, style guide, logo, color palette, social media strategy and future campaigns.

In a matter of 1 month Pickles Facebook likers jumped from 0 to over 1000 and their website consistently pulls a high number of unique visitors. The overall brand has resonated well with the local community just as it was designed to do.

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