Gummy Vitamins

Gummy Vitamins was at that point in their development where it was time to expand and become better known in the marketplace. They had just signed several deals with Walmart and Dollar General to share shelf space with other top edible vitamin supplements. Initial conversations hovered around the desire to have 1 or 2 viral type videos to bring about broad awareness of their brand.

After researching the marketplace and the products true appeal, it was found that this unique and fun vitamin supplement would register best with Mom’s of younger children who themselves had an interest in the benefits of vitamins. Ilfusion shaped something more grandiose than a couple of disconnected videos with the “Name the Bear” campaign. The strategy Ilfusion created included a new vibrant website, social media support, and a video campaign that highlighted each of the 5 gummy flavors. Inside that effort, custom illustrations and enhanced visual elements of the Gummy Vitamins were created.

Even after cutting out all other outside marketing efforts the company was doing aside for Ilfusion’s work, Gummy Vitamins realized a 25% increase in product sales over the year.