Brite Divinity School

This 100 year old institution came to Ilfusion looking for a distinct and progressive step into the next century. Ilfusion saw the answer in a revolutionary new approach to an educational website and a healthy attendance to the community interactions on social media.

Ilfusion bravely took to the stale education-site waters and pushed ahead with a unique approach of marrying traditional site navigation with a unique tile system that Brite could customize at their discretion. Users are presented with a site that shifts and evolves over time in a way that is enjoyable and not confusing. Like a student’s personal journey there is an element of exploration and discovery on the home page. The majority of the site’s content was formatted into a tiered content structure designed to keep the casual browser far away from being overwhelmed with content but never more than three clicks away from a wall of information if they are so inclined.

After launch, Brite is now one of a handful of educational sites that has a site that honors the new digital age and puts a twist in status quo which is apropo to the message of Ilfusion.

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