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Ilfusion Inc. is a full-service creative agency located in Fort Worth, TX with talents in web, design, video, social media and marketing consultation.

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May 24, 2017 | By: Tinny

5 Common Negative SEO Attacks and How to Prevent Them

Find out how to stay safe from common black hat SEO attacks Competition is everywhere, and the internet can be one of the most cut-throat and aggressive battle grounds. Negative SEO, or black hat SEO, is a technique that aims to lower a competitor’s search engine ranking. This could range from off-page SEO techniques to… view more

May 19, 2017 | By: Tinny

Google Improves Search Results Against Fake News

Watch out! The writing is on the wall for the fake news and misleading content out there. If you’ve been on the Internet the past few months—or years—you’ll notice that there are more and more fishy articles souring the search results, as well as on our favorite social media sites. What’s even more annoying is… view more

May 5, 2017 | By: Tinny

Ultimate SEO Checklist for a Newly Launched Website

Before launching a website, there are several things to consider to make it ready for viewing to users and search engines. Most of the time, the web development side is prioritized in order to meet a certain launch date. Often with web development there is a lack of focus on a site’s Usability, Accessibility, Responsiveness… view more

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