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Video Production Tips for High-Quality Marketing Videos

Video as a marketing tool is becoming more important now more than ever as users spend more time on the internet. Cisco has even predicted that by 2022, 82% of internet traffic worldwide will come from video streaming and downloads.

For marketers, this means that it’s high time to include videos in your marketing strategy — if you haven’t done so already.

And while videos are great in boosting engagement, increasing ROI, and helping customers retain information better, the chances of reaping the many rewards of video marketing are more possible if you produce great-quality videos.

Here are a few video production tips to help you get started:

Pre-Production Tips

1. Write the script

High-quality marketing videos require a lot of planning, and it starts with your script.

Begin by identifying what your goals are for the video, which audience segments it is for, the topic, key takeaways, and the call to action. From there, you can construct an outline to make script writing easier and more time-efficient.

In your script, be as concise as you can — studies have shown that 68% of viewers prefer to watch “short” marketing videos over longer ones.

2. Prepare the storyboard and B-rolls

Storyboarding is helpful in planning out the exact shots you need before you start filming a video. Some may opt to use storyboarding software like Storyboarder and Plot, but you can simply make a rough sketch and use stick figures for your storyboard as well.

The goal here is to have a clearer view of what scenes you will be doing for your video, however short it is. This way, it’s also easier to plan for the props needed, the costume changes (if applicable), as well as the setting.

In addition, planning your B-roll footage can go hand in hand with storyboarding. In filmmaking, B-rolls refer to secondary shots that are used as cutaway scenes to provide context or add visual interest to help tell your brand story better.

3. Check the acoustics

Before you start filming, be sure to check the acoustics of your filming location, especially if you do it outdoors. This can save you time post-production and help you prepare for soundproofing.

Be also sure to set up a suitable microphone to make sure that the audio quality of your speakers is crisp and clear.

Production Tips for Video Marketing

1. Ensure good lighting

Lighting can make all the difference in your video. Take advantage of natural light as much as possible. Filming during the morning and near evening is ideal, as the light is softer. Midday light tends to cast harsh shadows, so if you must film in the middle of the day, find a shady area to soften the light.

If you film indoors, be mindful of the light placements. Avoid overhead lighting, as it casts unflattering shadows. The ideal placement is two light sources on either side of the camera to balance the lighting — otherwise called the “lighting triangle” where the subject is framed in the center of the shot.

Top Tip: Use a light diffuser as well to reduce harsh shadows and to further balance the lighting. If you’re on a budget, you can use simple household materials, such as a frosted white shower curtain, bedsheets, or the best option: parchment paper. You can safely place the parchment paper directly over your lights without risking a fire hazard.

2. Stabilize your footage

Shakiness in your shots can make your video look amateurish, and it can also make viewers feel nauseous. It’s best to invest in a tripod to stabilize your footage. You can also opt to set your camera on a sturdy surface if your video only needs a few frames.

Top Tip: When changing perspective, panning can make your shot shaky if you don’t have a panning tripod, a slider, or a shoulder rig. Consider cutting from one shot to another instead.

3. Mind the video composition

Composition is how the elements (subjects/actors, props, scenery, etc.) appear on screen in respect to one another. Aside from making your video more visually appealing, video composition is essential because it directs the audience’s attention.

The Rule of Thirds is the most basic principle in video/film composition. What it means is that in a 3×3 grid layer, you place your subject along the areas where the lines intersect for better focus.

You can also use other composition techniques, such as using leading lines (for example, using natural lines such as roads), symmetry, and depth of field, to name a few.

4. Use a clean, minimalistic background

The background of your video can easily distract your viewers if you’re not careful. Use a solid-colored background to make your shot look more professional.

Also, be sure to factor in what the subject is wearing — you don’t want them to blend in the background. Make your subject stand a few feet away from the background as well to avoid casting shadows.

Top Tip: Avoid filming near a reflective surface in the background. If you must film without a solid background (i.e., natural settings), choose those that are minimalistic to avoid distractions.

Post-Production Tips

1. Invest in a good video editing software

Good editing software does not only makes post-production easier for you, but it also hugely enhances the quality of your video.

Some of the top choices by professionals are Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and Cyberlink PowerDirector 365. However, you can also use simpler video editing software, such as iMovie, Camtasia, and Shotcut.

2. Make your editing simple

Don’t overdo with the transitions and effects — it not only makes your video look amateurish, it’s also very distracting. Simple cross-fades to transition shots are more preferable.

Remove background noise as well and be mindful of your background music and sound effects. Not all videos require music, but if you choose to include it, be sure that it’s suitable for the scene and that you have the proper usage rights. You can use royalty-free music from sites such as Soundstripe, Pond5, and AudioMicro.

Create Personalized, High-Quality Videos for Your Brand

Video production can be a tricky feat especially if you’re a beginner or if you don’t have the right equipment. And although you can film decent and near-professional-looking videos from your smartphone, it can be time-consuming as well.

If you need any help with your video marketing and production needs, Ilfusion is here for you. We can create personalized and high-quality marketing videos that will leave lasting impressions on your audience with our full-service professional editing.

Drop us a message at [email protected] or call us at 888-420-5115 to get started!

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