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Web and Graphic Design Trends for 2022

Since last year, there has been a growing number of interesting trends for both web and graphic design, and some of these trends are still gaining traction, such as dark mode and minimalism.

This year, Google has been putting so much emphasis on user experience with their core web vitals algorithm, so usability will remain to take center stage in all design and development trends for the succeeding years. However, designers have also added more personalization to their designs, and we’re seeing these trends grow bigger in 2022.

Top 3 Web Design Trends for 2022

1. Text-only hero “images”

Here, images or the banner image that you see at the top of a website have taken a new twist recently. Many websites are forgoing photographs or illustrations as banners and are instead using bold texts. This kind of strategy uses typography design or copywriting to speak for itself. It also adds an air of mystery to encourage visitors to see the rest of the content below the banner.

Related trend:

Bolder, creative, eye-catching typography – Using heavy, bold typefaces, audiences are instantly aware of the brand message vs the time it takes for them to analyze imagery. Combining this trend with creatively designed typography and eye-catching colors further emphasizes headlines, and it becomes an “image” of its own.

creatively designed typography

2. Single-page websites

Single-page websites have also become popular, not only because it’s cheaper to make and easier to maintain, but also because this type of web design favors simple scroll navigation over having to open different pages. With one-page websites, users can see all pertinent information at a glance.

However, it must be noted that this doesn’t work for all websites. Single-page web design is best reserved if the topic/content being presented is narrow (for example, portfolios or businesses with less than 3 products).

Related trend:

Infinite scrolling – This means that content loads continuously as the user scrolls down the webpage. Developers can opt to forego pagination altogether or add an option for the user to scroll further (or make use of the “load more” button). This type of web design, however, works best for websites that are discovery-based (the “learn more” theme). Websites that are more intricate and require more functionality may work better with the classic tab-driven web design.

example of Single-page websites
Formation Stone

3. Split-screen layout design

Split-screen design utilizes contrasting colors and other visual elements to emphasize a comparison between two products/services or to present a natural separation of content. It also works well for mobile usability: web users view the dual layout while mobile users see the stacked content version.

Related trend:

Dark mode – We’ve mentioned this trend in the prior year, and with a lot of emphasis on user experience and users becoming more health-conscious, dark mode isn’t going away anytime soon. Using dark mode with split-screen layouts can help draw the users’ attention to certain elements, such as CTA buttons.

split-screen layouts

Top 3 Graphic Design Trends for 2022

1. Hand-drawn illustrations

The simplicity of hand-drawn illustrations and doodles is very appealing to users because it adds a literal human touch to your design. This style also exudes authenticity, which is an important factor for consumers when deciding whether to support a brand or not.

Related trend:

Ukiyo-e flat design – Flat illustrations — particularly the style that emulates Ukiyo-e art from Japan — are gaining momentum this year, especially for print media. It features bold colors, limited-perspective techniques, and vector-like art styles. It combines the right amount of minimalism and creativity, and the added appeal of personalization since they’re hand-drawn.

Illustration Design by Fe Melo
Odwoj Maternitj – Design by Fe Melo

Illustration Design by LittleFox
Design by LittleFox

2. Expressive and experimental typography

Many of today’s​​ trends revolve around personal expression and experimentation, not just with illustrations but also with typography design. As was mentioned, text-only hero images have become quite popular, and expressive and experimental typography is one way to achieve the “text as the image approach.” It also makes the design look more approachable and down-to-earth.

Related trend:
Handwritten typography – Typefaces that appear like or are actually handwritten make good use of this trend. However, when designing artsy typefaces, legibility should still be the priority.

Handwritten typography
Design by EDEM [deleted account]

3. ’80s-’90s-inspired design elements

Another design element that will most likely become more popular in 2022 is 1980s to 1990s nostalgia. These designs are a mix of bright colors, bold fonts, emoticons, and primitive internet frames.

The familiarity of “retro” designs blends well with people’s need for comfort and “slowing down” amid the ongoing changes we’re facing today as we settle in with the new normal.

Related trend:
Grunge revival – The 1990s nostalgia trend also included grunge style: dark contrasting colors, ink splotches and trails, and more chaotic aesthetics create an aura of energy and movement.

1990s nostalgia trend sample
Design by Jordan Jacob

packaging Design by Chupavi
Design by Chupavi

Make your brand designs stand out

With all that’s been said, it’s important to remember that while it’s good to adopt the latest trends to stay relevant, it’s equally important to align your designs with your branding identity and unique brand style.

If you need help with any of your design needs — whether it’s for web design, graphic design, or print media design — Ilfusion has the experience, talent, and tools to help your brand designs stand out.

Give us a call at 888-420-5115, or send us an email at [email protected].

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