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Doctor’s Notes IV

You may have thought the weather outside was frightful, but ICE-MAGEDDO-POCALYPSE 2 has nothing on your frozen creative output. Fear not! The Doctor is not inhibited by a little bi-polar weather. Partly because if he waits a few hours it’ll be sunny and 77 degrees outside. Well, The Doctor knows that a weak stream… of creativity can be as demoralizing as receiving a “I choo choo choose you” Valentine’s Day card. We gotta move fast. Here’s a few norm breakers to put some spring back in your step.

The nerd in me has always been healthy and vibrant but there had always been something missing. I had never ventured into the realm of dungeons and/or dragons. By some divine or GM guided chance-roll I clumsily stumbled into a pathfinder 3.5 campaign. Now, as a blacksmith Dwarf Rogue I can pretend and imagine again. Like a 2nd grade, only-child, hopped up on Coca-Cola and Sourpunch Straws I can weave an impromptu story of epic proportions. I’ve got 99 xp and a Bebilith isn’t one of them. Don’t waste time dicking around the enchanted fountain of stagnant creativity. Roll your D20 and move on (but perception check first.)

I’m not the running kind. Which should be obvious from the paragraph above. A week ago I found myself in 35 degree weather adorned in black-light-ready rave gear. I participated in the inaugural Black Light 5K Run in Fort Worth. Not only was I surrounded by magical glowing powder, I was covered in it by the night’s end. Trust me this powder was totally legal food dyed corn starch which is somehow totally cool to be ingested as well as inhaled. I have to say, though it was cold, this was a metric ton of fun. The swirling clouds of black-light powder, the people decked out in glowsticks and blinking LEDs, and the thumping music were all great fuel for me to run and create something awesome later. I highly recommend it.

You’ve got your Spotify, iTunes, Pandora, and personal playlist and that’s great-gr-gre-great (dubstep drop) wub wub wub GREAT. I submit to the midnight society a new app for your phone. Songza is a really unique music app that curates music from all walks of life and categorizes them not by genre or musician, but by time of day and how you might feel. When you open your eyes in the morning and there are animated blue birds fluttering in through the window? Then put on some jam band like Fish because you’re apparently tripping balls OR you’re having a great day and you need about 50 Indie songs in a row that fit your awesome energetic mood. Feeling creative? Press play! Not here, but on Songza.

I don’t always bike, but when I do, I bike share. These bikes are built like a tank and ride like a dream… a very bikey dream. I have my own fixie (fixed gear) bike at home but for one reason or another I’ve gravitated towards hopping onto the B-cycle more often than not. It’s easy; 80 bucks a year for infinite 60 minute bike hops. The bikes are well suited for almost any rider and I appreciate the E.T.-sized front basket on some. I also dig the badass bell for safety. You can keep your roaring truck w/ lift kit belching black smoke. My manhood sounds like this, “Ding ding” [obligatory pelvic thrusts]. Creative rides on the back of a community bike program, stay helmeted my friends.

So sayeth The Doctor! These are absolute musts but might not absolutely solve your teetering creativity. In the case that any or all fail you, come back to Ilfusion for some more. The Doctor is always in, rain or shine, and never lacking a remedy for stagnant creativity.

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