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Doctor’s Notes V

When you thought you were free, you weren’t. When you thought it was gone, it leaves a horse head in your king size bed. Just when you thought you were out, it pulls you back in. I’m not talking about the mafia. No, I’m talking about something way more punishing than the conclusion to the Godfather trilogy. The subject here is a creative rush that was doing so well and has now gone to the mattresses. Wimpy creative ideas that have been trying to take over the family deserve to be rowed out to sea to go fishing with Fredo. Could I cram any more Godfather references in to this opening paragraph? That… I can not do. Here are your Doctor’s orders.

Wandercrust Movie Watchers Club
Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to participate with a little-known project called Wandercrust Movie Watcher’s Club in Fort Worth. Remember Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K)? Well if you’ve been living under a rock or trapped on the satellite of love; I’ll explain it to you. Sometimes movies suck and they deserve to have someone professionally tear it apart with biting sarcasm, blue humor, and candor. There are a few differences between Wandercrust and MST3K that bear mentioning. One being that there is a lot more drinking involved. Two, it’s live, and three, it fuels a quick wit and has the immediate positive pay off of laughter! 4,5, and 6 don’t exist but you can learn more by going to the Grotto (World BreadQuarters) in Fort Worth on the last Wednesday of the month. Like some sort of 1980’s B-horror movie it’s time to riff on your poorly lit, badly acted, cringe worthy creativity.

Join a Fake Band
Thanks to Craigslist I finally own a set of drums again! I used to play the drums for nearly 8 years but had to (drums were stolen/still live in an apartment/musicians starve if not on drugs) give it up for a while. But NO MORE! I have my little Gretsch Catalina set ready to rock Black-Keys-style. Playing drums is a lot of fun but it’s about half as fun as making up band names like Aqua Punch, Orange Monkey Contraption, NutFunker and the Peters, etc. It is fun designing concert posters that will never happen, and really polishing a great band logo that will rival the Rolling Stones “Tongue” or the Ramone’s Iconic White Circular brand on black that will adorn my 22″ kick drum. All my teenage life I did it backwards in this way and I don’t see why I should change my methods now. Fake it till you make it. This exercise in creativity will surely drive the people to steal the gold on your ceiling.

Reverse Time
I’m a grown man. Because of that, I regularly exercise my ability to spend money on things and in ways that would give younger me a stroke. It’s really awesome to eat cookies until I’m sick, play video games for 3-4 hours straight and order a giant TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) approved cheese pizza at 3 in the morning. Being an adult is awesome and we owe it to ourselves to reconvene with the trite life goals of our 10 year old selves. Schedule next weekend to do these type things. Sure it’s expensive but ultimately you end up with the new (or old) Batmobile off of Ebay. Obviously, we would suffer greatly if we entertained this notion too frequently. Once in a while you gotta flaunt your inner kid. I know for a fact I was way more creative back then.. and skinnier for sure.

Do these 3 things for me and I promise it will go well with you. You’ll see your creativity start to come to life again and your family grow stronger. Family of creative professionals and co-workers… of course. If these suggestions don’t suit you, there will be more taped to the back of a toilet at Louis Restaurant. If you flat out can’t make it happen, come see Ilfusion and we’ll make you something so creative you won’t refuse us. And lastly, leave the creative-void. Take the cannoli.

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