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Rumour Has It: The iPhone 6 Debates

The iPhone has become the ultimate icon of millennial technological culture. The constant updates, both on the phone and of the phone itself, keeps millions of customers drooling to see what minor edits will drive them to purchase the newest edition of the hottest smart phone device. Much speculation has built up around the unveiling of the iPhone 6. What changes it will hold and when it will be available to the public has yet to be seen, however the Internet is abuzz with ‘leaks’ and theories. Here is the Ilfusion low down on what may or may not come soon to an Apple store near you:

Is Bigger Always Better?

The size of the iPhone 6 is the most hotly discussed topic on various web rumor sites. The current iPhone 5/5s hits the mark at exactly 4 inches long, however popular belief is that the new model will upgrade to a heftier stance in order to keep up against the competition of the Samsung Galaxy S5. Predictions say that there will actually be two different models of the iPhone 6 to be released; one that is 4.7 inches long and the other 5.5 inches long. (Mac Rumors) The larger of the two would just edge out the Samsung in terms of length (the Galaxy S5 is 5.5 inches long), and the smaller would remain the same of the current iPhone 5/5s. This smaller option would remain convenient for those of us who are content with its current size, and the bigger would allow others to speak softly and carry a big phone.

Would You Like Your Screen Super-Sized?

The next most popular speculation around the iPhone 6 is that a vast screen size increase will accompany the growth of the device itself. This adjustment is also to keep up with the specs of the Samsung Galaxy S5. Apple was previously cited saying that “Customers want what we don’t have,” in reference to the screen size of the iPhone 5/5s. (Tech Radar) The 5/5s already boasts a screen that is 4 inches long- over 80% of its total size, so how much more screen can the consumer, or the phone itself, handle?


According to leaked images from Chinese phone case suppliers, the larger version of the iPhone 6 will also include a protruding camera from the back of the phone, as the phone as a whole will be slimmed down to a thickness similar to the iPod touch or iPad. (Mac Rumors). Another report about the iPhone 6, amongst the sea of possibilities, is that the sleep/wake button (the narrow protrusion currently located on the top right corner of the iPhone 5/5s) will relocate to the right upper side of the phone. This will enable easier one-handed use and accessibility. (Mac Rumors) Sapphire crystal, the glass that currently acts as the camera lens and home button on the most up-to-date models, may also form the new display cover, say some online hypotheses. This would offer the user better screen protection, and perhaps prevent the countless cracked display screens being replaced by Apple on a daily basis. These changes would most certainly be welcomed by all streamlined shoppers, as well as those who are a bit on the clumsy side.

Gimme Gimme!

What everyone really wants to know is “When can I stand in line for hours on end with hundreds of other tertiary technology consumers to get this gift from the iGods in my hands?” Unfortunately that has yet to be officially announced, as neither have the concrete details of the changes made to the iPhone 6. While it has been confirmed that the store release date will be in 2014, speculation remains around a September hard release, as that is when Apple has released previous iPhone models at various special company events. Reports say that the 6 will be unveiled at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in June, however many experts reject this theory in favor of an iOS 8 drop instead. (Tech Radar) Regardless of when the 6 is released, there will surely be thousands of iFans waiting to get their iHands on a new iPhone.

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